How to Take The Perfect Passport Photo of a Baby, Toddler, and Child

Toddler Passport Photo TipsIt’s no secret that the requirements for passport photos are strict for adults, let alone babies. Nearly 300,000 applications were rejected last year alone for non-compliant passport photos. It’s hard enough for adults to take perfect passport photos, but it’s even more difficult to get a compliant child, toddler, or baby passport photo. Fortunately, our headache saving app “Passport Photo Creator” is your ultimate tip to a successful photo of your ever-so-squirmy baby.

The internet is filled with tips and tutorials to take the best photo for your child, but nothing works as accurately as this app does. The “Passport Photo Creator” app allows you to take as many photos as necessary until you get the correct one of your child while also immediately giving you the results of the accuracy of your photo with the strict U.S. Department of States requirements. With direct printing to your nearest Walgreens, your perfect passport photo will be ready within one hour. It’s never been easier to take a perfect passport photo.

For example, many sites and apps will have tutorials that will tell you to take a photo of your child while he/she is laying on a white blanket (this is to ensure you have a plain background). However, what these tutorials don’t tell you is if the contrast is good enough for the requirements. Our app will tell you instantly if your photo casts too much of a shadow which would be rejected by the U.S. Department of State.

Child Passport Photo TipsSo often mothers try to hold their child in a photo booth or during their photo to ensure the baby it looking straight on. However, these types of photos always get rejected. It is explicitly stated in the requirements that no other objects or obstructions can be in the photo. By using this app you can now comfortably try to get your babies attention while also obtaining a correct photo. You can also try as may times as needed. Sometimes waiting for the child or baby to be in a good mood can be difficult, especially if you have to travel with the child to the passport photo place. With our app, you can take the photo in the comfort of your home- all while making sure your photo is 100% compliant.

Some of the tougher requirements for your baby’s passport photo:

1.) The baby should have a neutral expression (no smile, no smirks, no mouth open) while looking straight at the camera.
2.) Both ears should be visible.
3.) Both eyes should be open and clear.
4.) The background of the photo should be white, off-white, or a neutral light color.
5.) The photo should be taken in a bright room with no shadows on or behind the subjects face.

6.) NO other objects should be behind the baby’s face or background. (For example your body, toys, etc).

Baby Passport Photo TipsPro tip for using the Passport Photo Creator app:

Do not use the flash when taking your babies photo! This will cause an instant dark shadow behind the subject’s head. Instead take it during the daytime in a well-lit room.

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